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From Louis Beecherl on 16-Nov-2014

  They do a great job at Flightline First. As an added bonus, there is a good restaurant next door in the recently remodeled old terminal building. The restaurant is Messina's Runway Cafe. Excellent food and good service. I will be stopping here again to fuel and get a great New Orleans style Po-boy. 
From Tim Barrios on 20-Oct-2014

  Glad we picked this airport and FBO to stop at for a couple of nights visiting the area. They were very busy when we arrived but they offered to help us with our luggage (and did). On return, we pulled our car out to the plane to unload. Great service, friendly, and convenient. 
From Tom Boback on 26-Sep-2014

  I can't say enough good things about this FBO Clearly, they set the standard that others should be modeled after. I was there for a three-day weekend, and from start to finish, my experience was extremely positive. The line guys are friendly, always ready to help out and took great care of my airplane. The lady working behind the ops counter, who appeared to be running things, always seemed to have five plates in the air at any given moment, and did a great job with all of it, right down to the excellent cookies and hot popcorn! I spent five hours sitting around on Sunday afternoon waiting for the worst of the storms to blow through, and thanks to the staff and great operation, it was basically painless. Thanks for the great experience! 
From Nigel Milligan on 25-Sep-2014

  Lots of 5 star comments on here and deservedly so. I was in town doing some helicopter survey /mapping work downtown. GM Brayton Matthews (a rotorhead so automatically a good guy ;) was most hospitable and Wendy at the desk along with the line guys are first rate. Top end FBO facilities. This is the way to operate. Thanks much guys. 
From Bobby Clemence on 19-Aug-2014

  Outstanding FBO. 
From Bill Keller on 09-Aug-2014

  Flew in for 9-day stay. Cab was waiting when I pulled onto ramp. Very professional FBO. Highly recommended - I'll be back 
From Edward Figuli on 21-Jul-2014

  I'm only going to add to the KUDOS that Flightline First has acquired over the years. I flew in VFR while it was slightly raining. Ground crews were quick to meet me and show me where to park. They even assisted with tying the plane down and attaching the aircraft cover. Their fuel prices are reasonable as well. I would highly recommend this FBO if visiting the New Orleans area. 
From Ravi Thakkar on 29-Jun-2014

  One of the best FBO's I have been to. Great service, reasonable price, beautiful facilities. Will definitely return. 
From Deepak Sircar on 21-Jun-2014

  Fantastic service as usual. This FBO truly understands superior customer service. It was raining hard as we prepared to depart. The folks had umbrellas handy and parked the a/c extra close to the door. A++ 
From Matthew Ensor on 14-May-2014

  Fantastic FBO! Line service was prompt, knowledgeable, and professional. Ladies at the desk were extremely courteous and helpful in making taxi/hotel arrangements with last moment's notice. Best 100LL price on the field and very reasonable overnight fees. Great job... Highly recommend! 
From Robert Johnson on 12-May-2014

  Great service! Definitely the place to stop in New Orleans. 
From David Mitchell on 02-Mar-2014

  Super quick service from the moment we called them on A2G, until we taxied out at the end of our trip. Good gas prices for a big center. On our departure day we were delayed by thunderstorms over the airport and Wendy gave us great lunch recommendations and the very nice Ford Explorer crew car. Top notch experience. 
From Coty Smith on 28-Feb-2014

  We flew in for a long weekend. We were met at the plane and helped with luggage. I had called the previous day to give my info and let them know we wanted a taxi. The day we arrived, they knew we were inbound and had a taxi waiting. Bags went straight into the taxi and we were ready to go. On the departure, they pulled the plane around and helped with the bags again. Fantastic service! 
From Kelly Grant on 28-Jan-2014

  Just another great visit here! Was in and out four times over five days during a busy Convention. Ramp parking was a premium at all Lakefront FBO's. They graciously parked the 172 between the corporate jets and retrieved it every evening. Ramp crew is A-team. 
From Johnny Carter on 19-Jan-2014

  Very efficient and courteous service. Only FBO I use at Lakefront. 
From Michael Pruett on 17-Jan-2014

  Great place! We nicknamed this place the "Crown Room" of FBO's the facility was only upstaged by the people working there! Made our SR-22 feel right at home. 
From Sebastian Sattler on 11-Jan-2014

  On our United States coast-to-coast round trip with a C172, this was the best FBO of all! Did not charge us the full fuel price due to missing information on their file. Took us to downtown for free to avoid long waiting time for a cab. Drinks and sweets are abundant. Very clean. 
From Mark Brown on 06-Jan-2014

  Flew in here in my girlfriends Piper Cub a few days ago... They treated it like gold and kept it hangared our entire stay. Once again Flightline First is the best FBO in NOLA hands down.
From Tim Prouty on 05-Jan-2014

  Great FBO! Fast friendly service. Met by Scott with a friendly smile a helped us with our bags. Wendy called for a taxi and made hotel reservations. While we waited for the taxi, Wendy gave us several tips and recommendations for our stay in New Orleans. On our way out, the plane was ready and waiting. 
From John Johnson on 18-Dec-2013

  Left my Cardinal at Lakefront for four days. Was marshaled in right next to the front door, which is important to me as my wife has difficulty walking and uses a cane. The lady behind the desk fixed us coffee and couldn't have been nicer, as was our lineman Scott. The FBO is well furnished, clean, and has a good selection of coffees, sodas, and bottled water. I asked to be parked on the ramp, but since a storm was forecast a few days later, I requested hangar parking for that one day. I was told to call and they would make that happen, but when I called a few days later I was told that the hangar was full. Moral of the story, if you want hangar space, grab it while you can. Perhaps a reciprocal agreement with one or both of the other FBOs would help with this. All in all, a very nice job and a big thank you to the Flightline First folks. 
From Jeff Wall on 30-Nov-2013

  I've visited Flightline First a number of times and never been disappointed. My latest visit was for a Sunday afternoon Saints game when they were clearly very busy and again received exceptional service. Can't say enough good things about them. I wish more FBOs operated at this level. Keep up the good work y'all! 
From Bob Manes on 23-Nov-2013

  All around excellent facility with top notch service! People are more than friendly, courteous, and go out of their way to be of help -- arranging prompt ground transportation and having airplane ready for departure! They try to anticipate your needs before you know what you need, they know. Fresh popcorn! Excellent A+++++++ - We will return to this FBO soon, and hopefully the runway/taxiway markings will be re-painted ;-) by then. 
From Russell Mell on 14-Nov-2013

  Great experience. Very attentive with great service. Wendy and Curtis are awesome. Thanks again for wonderful service. 
From Russell Mell Springfield, MO on 29-Oct-2013

  Wonderful FBO. Fresh baked cookies, fresh fruit, coffee, bottled water. Wendy was so sweet and helpful. Even got my airplane washed and the bottom degreased by Curtis who was a perfect gentleman and very professional. Can't say enough about this outfit. 
From Rick Fremaux, MD on 27-Oct-2013

  The Flightline First manager and staff are very reliable and trustworthy. Flightline First, is excellent. 
From David Bradshaw on 21-Oct-2013

  One of the best FBOs I go to. Excellent service, friendly and accommodating staff. All the pre-arranged transportation for the passengers went great. However, the taxi service for us the crew was confused and late. They had a lineman get us downtown in the crew car. Great Service all around. 
From John Bell on 24-Sep-2013

  Another great week with the great folks at Flightline First. Excellent help from line service and Wendy at the front desk. This is the best FBO! 
From Terry Caulfield on 17-Aug-2013

  Fantastic experience at Flightline First. Very friendly group of people and took great care of my plane and me while there for two nights. They made arrangements on short notice for a terrific hotel as well. I'll retire to Flightline whenever I retire to New Orleans. Fuel price beat the others at this location. 
From John Bell on 14-Jul-2013

  Flew in, in our CJ1+ yesterday and got wonderful service. Wendy and the other girls and guys are the greatest. Thanks to all! 
From Clark Tesh on 13-Jul-2013

  Flighline First has to be one of the best FBO's that I have ever visited. KNEW was part of a 2200nm trip and CSR's Wendy and Stephanie made us feel most welcome. They followed us on Flightaware and our cab was waiting for when we arrived. Being one of the hottest months in NO, we were greeted with cold water and free soft drinks. The line guys assisted us with luggage and also helped with placing the cover on my Navajo. The facilities were "top drawer" with spotless restrooms, spacious lobby and pilot lounge. Lastly, the amount I recently paid for the AirBoss card was more than offset with the 1.00/gal off retail just for having the AirBoss card. I will certainly be back to Flightline One. Thanks again guys. 
From Winn Brown on 19-Jun-2013

  Arrived today my non-pilot was very impressed with this FBO and its service. If she's happy, I'm ecstatic. 
From William Kight on 11-Jun-2013

  All Flightline personnel with whom I interacted, EVERY ONE, was customer focused. The facilities and amenities were very good. The $10 per night tie-down for my five-night stay pretty much cancelled the AirBoss fuel discount. Most FBOs waive one night's tie-down with a fuel purchase or top off. In any case, it is a pleasure to spend my aviation dollars with an FBO like Flightline. 
From Sean Mollet on 06-May-2013
  Fantastic in every way. Fuel was reasonable, staff was great. Treated and my Bonanza like we were welcome customers. Will definitely go back.
From Michael Lusk on 02-May-2013
  Great service. Great prices. Air Boss saves u about one dollar per gallon! Up scaled taxi meets u in the Tarmac.
From Matthew McDonald on 30-Apr-2013
  Flightline was great, flew in a Navy Texan II. Gave us new courtesy car to take down to local Mexican place. Impressed with the facilities and their FBO had some character! Definitely will go back. (Beware of KNEW Ground Control- She kept telling us to taxi to the "ballpark", we had no idea what that was, and it turned out it was the east ramp. It caused for a lot of confusion and once we reached the desolate "ballpark" we called the FBO and they told us to taxi back to their ramp. I guess ground control and the FBO had a misunderstanding about the ramp being closed due to construction. N’Orleans approach was also very helpful in picking up our IFR airborne leaving KNEW.
From Rap McBurney on 25-Apr-2013
  I called FLF, got a great discount on a French Quarter hotel, reservation for tie down, great service. Plenty of big jets on the ramp, and yet my little airplane got the same level of service. I changed my outbound schedule for earlier and they accommodated me with no problems. This is a great FBO, I'll be back.
From Bill Hicks on 15-Apr-2013
  Great FBO and very friendly and helpful. Cab was waiting at our arrival. We changed our departure time and they quickly got airplane out of hangar and refueled. Would recommend them to anyone visiting the area.
From Bob DeFilippo on 29-Mar-2013
  Fantastic FBO... None better. I fly a Bonanza, not a Jet, but the service was top shelf regardless. Called ahead and had their excellent and friendly customer service staff book my hotel. Not only did they recommend a great hotel, Hotel Mazarin in the French Quarter, but also the discount off the web rate was 40% off. They even took the time to copy recommended restaurants and streetcar schedules. Arrived late due to headwinds, but they tracked my flight and had a crew there to meet me along with a taxi waiting on the ramp. Gave me the fuel discount without asking and had the plane ready on my exit. My highest recommendation.
From Nate Grunwell on 27-Mar-2013
  I'm a professional pilot and I was flying to KNEW with a client. Wendy and Rob treated us like royalty from the get go. They had our rental car ready to go and warmed up. They were so gracious to my passenger that he was in a great mood the rest of the day. On the way back from our meeting we called and the plane was fueled and ready. The experience I had reminds me of the Golden years of aviation when it was a privilege to travel by air. The folks at Flightline really made us feel special. To all you pro pilots remember that for your passenger’s sake. The fuel was reasonable too.
From Cody Stallings, N2922L on 24-Mar-2013
   Stopped in to do an inspection on a King Air 350 for Rick at innovative turbine aircraft. The staff at Flightline was great. Will be back 
From David Tonnies on 18-Mar-2013
   Da Best 
From Wayne Cease on 11-Mar-2013
   I've been to Flightline First twice before, but just turn-arounds for Angel Flight. This time we went to New Orleans for a long weekend. Flightline was great! Had the taxi there when we arrived, took the fuel order and confirmed hangar space while I closed up the airplane. Didn't have to go inside the FBO. On our way home we called from the hotel and the plane was pulled out, fueled and ready when we arrived. Great staff and great experience. 
From Dan Coyne on 23-Feb-2013
  Thanks Suzann and Wendy and the Flightline First crew. We came down from Madison, WI to tour the WWII museum. They helped with corporate rate on the rental car and hotel. The car was ready when we arrived. We had a great time and your service was wonderful. 
From Digby Solomon on 21-Feb-2013
   Excellent service at a fair price. Friendly, helpful staff and reasonable cab price to downtown. We will be back!

From Mark Lowe on 13-Feb-2013
I really like the team here. Everyone is very helpful and friendly. They go the extra mile to help the customer.

From Matt Beecroft on 10-Feb-2013
   Great experience with our Bonanza. Had taxi waiting for us next to the plane as soon as we shut down, nice facilities and people. They coordinated oxygen service with Innovative Turbine Aircraft Solutions. When the bill for the oxygen service wasn't there on departure...Everyone said no problem, we'll take care of it. Fuel prices very reasonable with AirBoss Highly recommended. 
From Peter Tracy on 06-Feb-2013
   Flightline First GETS IT! Even for a Bonanza Great experience every time. Give them a try!! 
From Christopher G. Allen on 01-Feb-2013
   LOCAL CUSTOMER AT KNEW FOR 10+ YEARS. I stay away from the other FBO's. I switched to Flightline First, and have been incredibly pleased. Best fuel prices on site. Their FBO is smaller than the others, but still very nice and modern. After Katrina, they were the first FBO back in a permanent building, showing their commitment to the airport. The manager is first rate here. Wendy is ready and willing to help in any way possible, and has gone out of her way several times for me personally. To sum it up - I like to give my business to people who appreciate my patronage, and Flightline First is that place for me. 
From Don Vaughan on 21-Jan-2013
   Every employee was super nice and wanted to please me and give me a great experience. I was there 12 hours and both shifts were equally attentive. Great place to stop. 
From Rich Boyd on 08-Jan-2013
   We wanted to visit The Big Easy for a couple of days. We called Flightline First and talked with Wendy, who emailed us a list of hotels in the Quarter where they have corporate rates. We picked one and called her back. She made the reservations and had a van waiting for us when we arrived. They loaded our bags and whisked us off to our hotel. Great service. The people in New Orleans really know hospitality.

We used Flightline First for our recent cruise out of the port of New Orleans. Everything was fantastic. The plane was hangared in their facility for only $20/night. I had a couple of squawks on the aircraft on the way in, but a local mechanic, Rocco, took care of everything just fine and it was ready to go when we returned from the cruise. Efficient and reasonably priced.
From Carl Bevan on 22-Dec-2012

After arriving at KNEW I checked in with Flightline First and let them know I would be staying for six days. On my return (on a Saturday), I experienced mechanical difficulties and after a few phone calls, a Flightline mechanic, whose wife was using his car, borrowed a car from his neighbor and drove 30 miles (on a toll road) to NEW on his day off to help me with my problem. He was able to correct my problem, (at no charge). This was above and beyond the call of duty and is some of the best service I've experienced in my 48 years of flying. I simply cannot say enough good things about this FBO. They are definitely 5 stars out of 5. I highly recommend this wonderful FBO.
From Peter Tracy on 22-Dec-2012

Great experience with Flightline First. I got first-class service with a smile. Friendly, efficient and helpful. And the AirBoss discount makes the otherwise big-city expensive fuel reasonable. This is a top-cabin FBO that treats piston airplane drivers with respect. Give them a try!
From A. J. Prebula on 15-Dec-2012

Great service. Flew a Cherokee 6 in with the family for a couple of days and we were treated like we were in a G5. Great crew car. Use Flightline First, they are very helpful, ask about hotel corporate rates.
From Dale Coffey on 07-Dec-2012

Great experience. Quick service, and everybody was happy and went above and beyond providing service, fuel, and crew car. Also received a fuel discount, because the long runway was closed. Will return here again.
From Jerry Kutsop on 02-Dec-2012

Called ahead to Flightline First a few days ahead of our planned arrival for the Thanksgiving holiday. Requested a cab to take us to our hotel in the French Quarter. We arrived on schedule in our C182 and cab was waiting at our parking spot right outside their FBO entrance. Line people and folks in the office were great, and their new facility since our last visit is very impressive ... Top shelf. Requested a top off, took advantage of my AirBoss membership to save $1.00 a gallon on fuel. Published taxi fare between Lakeside and town is $22.00 our guy, Nathan, charged $30.00 so we did not use him on return ride. Plane was waiting for us on schedule for departure, taxi was allowed into FBO area on ramp for luggage loading. Our experiences with Flightline First were great capping off another great visit to the Crescent City.
From John Bell on 10-Nov-2012

Had our CJ in the hangar for a week and headed back for FL now. Another good experience with Flightline First. Wendy and the guys took care of everything in spite of a very busy day.
From Michael Mcgrath on 07-Oct-2012

Flightline First FBO at KNEW was great.  After alerting them that I was on the way and needed a cab, they tracked me on FlightAware and had a car service (Maurice at A-Z with a big SUV) waiting on the ramp when we pulled up. $33 flat fee into the City if you are cabbing it. All other services from ramp guys to receptionist were great, and the new facilities are coming along and look great. Saratoga pilot.
From Paull Saffold on 07-Oct-2012

Great FBO and very friendly and helpful. Would recommend them to anyone visiting the area. Cab to the French Quarter was less that the cost of parking a car for two nights!
From Carl Fischer on 20-Sep-2012

Flew into Lakefront for our Caribbean honeymoon cruise. Contacted Wendy at Flightline First, and this woman and this FBO are absolute GEMS! She got us fantastic hotel rooms at the Drury at great rate (with a convention in town), arranged for transportation, and otherwise took care of everything. To my wife's and my complete surprise, a VERY nice limo was waiting when we arrived, and met us planeside. This was a level of service I would expect if I rolled up in a Citation, yet we came in a 182! This FBO has the right idea, and really sets the bar for Customer Service! My wife and I fly all over the U.S., and have been pleasantly surprised at a number of FBO's, but the service at Flightline really was exceptional. We are already planning more trips to "The Big Easy", and FLF will certainly be the FBO of choice. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
From Bob Reed on 17-Sep-2012

Stopped here on a ferry flight from San Diego to Pennsylvania. BE ADVISED...They can get you corporate rates at some of the local hotels. I had a reservation at Le Marais for $289 and they got me a room at the Marriot nearby Le Marais for $120. Suzanne was fantastic.
From Mark M. Abend on 13-Aug-2012

This is one of the finest, most responsive and helpful FBOs I have ever visited and I have been to 486 airports. Wendy is exceptional. She arranged for everything during my many visits due to avionics problems in a Malibu. Its clean, easy access to NOLA, fast service, free munchies. Auric Avionics is the best avionics shop I have visited. Scott, the owner, is outstanding. Went far beyond that which I would have expected. He called me 15 minutes after landing in St Louis to ensure all was right with his work. Aside from having avionics problems, this was an extremely pleasant visit. A terrific place.
From Jon Nevin on 05-Aug-2012

Nice facility, friendly service. Beautiful approach for 36L. Highly recommend this place.
From David Cunha on 04-Aug-2012

We arrived at nearly midnight in our Cherokee 6 and were surprisingly greeted by very friendly and helpful line staff that helped us with our bags and called a cab for us. There were complimentary drinks and snacks inside the comfortable lounge. When checking in I told them of our estimated departure time and date (we were staying for a week). When we arrived to leave, our plane was already pulled in front of the FBO and the windows had been washed. The line staff was also very helpful with some minor problems we had with our plane before departure. I would stop here again.

From Deepak Sircar on 04-Jun-2012

Enjoyed a great w/e trip with my father-in-law and brother-in-law. The folks at Flightline were great all the way around. Fast and friendly service and a weekend discount!!!
From Sam Lowe on 04-Jun-2012

My first visit to KNEW and the crew at Flightline First were courteous and extremely helpful. They treated my son and I perfectly, even though we arrived with no notice in a tired old Cardinal. Great help with directions and a new crew car. This visit made a lasting impression and it was easy to get in and out of the airspace with helpful and accommodating controllers. We will definitely return to this FBO and make this a frequent visit.
From John Bell on 09-May-2012

Just wanted to thank Wendy, Fran and the guys for taking such great care of our CJ and us on a busy Jazz Fest week. This is the best FBO ever!!!