The Citation Jet Cessna Citation II was the first of the Model 550 series of light corporate jets built by Cessna. A direct developed variante of the Citation I, the Citation II led to the later developments of the Citation II/SP, as well as the S550 Citation S/II, and Citation Bravo.

The success of the Citation I in the market led Cessna to believe there was demand for a larger aircraft. In consequence, the Citation II had a maximum seating capacity of 10 persons. Additionally to that, the plane had more powerful JT15D4 engines which led to faster speeds and longer range.

The upgraded Model S550 was the Citation S/II utilizing more powerful versions of the engine and overall improving the aerodynamic behaviour. The Citation S/II was replaced by the Citation Bravo.


Aircraft information:  1984 Cessna Citation SII, Serial Number S550-0010
Max speed: 420 MPH
Certified Service Ceiling: 41,000 ft
Capacity: 9 passengers
Max baggage load: 350 lbs

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