Charter A Private Flight With Us!

Flightline First, LLC is a locally owned and operated Air Carrier certificated by the Federal Aviation Administration (Charter Certificate # 3FFA403M).  We offer 24 hour, “on demand” aircraft charter throughout the contiguous United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.  Currently, we offer both multi-engine jet and turboprop service at extremely competitive prices. Our 24 hour facility is conveniently located on New Orleans Lakefront Airport, just minutes from downtown New Orleans.  Because we are based locally, our clients avoid costly broker fees and the expense of repositioning aircraft from another locale.

Individual Charter:

We offer personalized flights for individual clients, their families or associates. Experience individualized attention, convenience and low-stress travel. No need to feel rushed or hurried; we operate on your schedule. No hassles: park at our facility and let our line technicians handle your baggage. No need to wait in a security line, our Customer Service Representatives and flight crew handle such matters transparently. When you charter with us, effectively, you are flying YOUR plane with YOUR flightcrew.

Business Charter:

Our business clients enjoy the ability to service several cities in a single day, optimizing their productivity while minimizing employee and travel costs. Our aircraft give them access to thousands of smaller airports not served by major carriers. Time en route can be spent productively, or restfully, as they prefer, in the quiet cabin atmosphere. We like to think that we help our clients do business “at the speed of flight”.

Medical Charter:

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we offer rapid response and transportation of medical teams or specimens. Additionally, we perform medical transportation flights for ambulatory patients.

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